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Germicidal lamps and sterilizers


Newly we offer to our customers germicidal lamps both for household and for disinfection of commercial premises and also sterilization boxes for disinfection of your facemasks, respirators and other smaller items, such as mobile phones, watches, jewelry, etc.

UV radiation in the C spectrum disrupts the cellular structures of organisms that damage and destroy living microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and viruses, including coronavirus. Germicidal lamps are used in areas where a highly sterile environment is required, but also where it is necessary to prevent the spread of viruses or bacteria. Germicidal lamps are also suitable for household use.

UV-C radiation is dangerous for all living organisms and PEOPLE OR ANIMALS CANNOT BE PRESENT DURING THE SPACE DISINFECTION.

Germicidal UV-C lamp - 60 W Sterilization UV-C box Germicidal UV-C lamp - 38 W

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